What to know before format

What will happen if I format my computer/hard disk?

Formatting a computer hard drive means that All the data on the specified hard drive (or partition) will be deleted (Partition – Separated division of the hard drive, most computers have two partition’s C:, D: ). Therefore, it is very important to back up any information (documents, programs, personal pictures or documents) and most important – All info that you may need from My Documents folder, anything you may need later. My Document’s folder is located in the same windows XP partition that we will format. The best practice is to back up all of the files to another partition (we will format only C: ), so you can safely copy/paste all files to for example – D:, E: and so on, 
or burn CD/DVD disk .


– If you are going to be formatting and installing XP, you must be sure that you have the discs for any applications or third party hardware (Drivers CD – usually supplied with the PC) you use since you will need to re-installyour programs and drivers after formatting your hard drive and re-installing Windows. 

– I must put into attention back-up of your data on your hard drive. Take a moment to think of anything that you have on the computer that you wouldn’t want to lose. Most often, people store data into My Documents folder, and also you would want to save things like your favorites or bookmarks from your Web browser. Remember that each user on your computer has his/her own My Documents folder, Desktop items and Favorites/Bookmarks. 

– Save everything to a CD, DVD or a hard drive partition that you won’t be formatting (again-we will format only “C:” )


If you have back-up of all files/docs you need, you are safe to continue.

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