How to format C

How to format C

Formatting C drive is fully described in this topic –

You can navigate to the link for more information’s.

Note: If you format C drive on your computer, you will loose all data stored in your Windows folder, My Documents folder, Program Files, and any custom settings applied to your windows installation.

Be sure to read the section, before your proceed.

Good luck (:

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  1. Cannot connect to internet – I have received messages to check firewall settings also i get error 12029 when trying to connect, also it says could not make an HTTP connection, but strangely msn works and skype works as normal but not Yahoo. I cannot access my mail etc. I think I have a virus so I thought I would format the hard drive, Im now trying to get the DOS + XP disk from where I purchased the Laptop to do this + any other drivers? I may need, I wanted to try to do this myself. Is this the right procedure to wipe any viruses? I have saved all my files etc. Would appreciate any suggestion thanks Mirella

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