How to format and Reinstall Windows 7

how to format and install Windows 7Windows 7 is far better than previous windows versions (XP and Vista). The install process is plain simple and easy to follow. Big Bravo! for Microsoft for this. Now, just follow these steps and you will install windows 7 in no time

You can Install Windows 7 via DVD Disk you’ve purchased or with bootable USB.

This post explains installing windows 7 with dvd disk.

– 31 steps total, every step is screen-captured

First, insert your Windows 7 Boot Disk into your dvd drive and reboot your PC

While the PC is rebooting, you will be prompted ” Press any key to boot from CD…” Just press any key here

Install Windows 7 - Press any key

After you press a key, windows will load installation files.

Install Windows 7 - Windows is loading files

Windows 7 setup will start

Install Windows 7 - Starting Windows Setup

Select your language, time and currency format and keyboard input (US)

Install Windows 7 - First Setup Screen, input language, time and currency format and keyboard input method

Click Install Now to proceed

Install Windows 7 - Install Now Screen

Setup will load for a min or two

Install Windows 7 - Setup is starting
Install Windows 7 - Setup is starting

If you do, select I accept the license terms and click Next

Install Windows 7 - License Terms

If you are upgrading from Windows Vista select Upgrade, if you had Windows XP you have to select Custom (Advanced). Upgrade from Windows XP to Windows 7 is not available. Click Custom (Advanced)

Install Windows 7 - Custom Install

Select the Partition where you want to install Windows 7 and click Next. You will need at least 5716mb free space.

Install Windows 7 - Where do you want to install windows

If you don’t have enough free space to Install Windows 7, you will receive the following warning

Install Windows 7 - Not enough disk space warning message will appear

If that’s the case, you will need to format the partition where you previously had Operating System installed. WARNING: Formatting a partition will erase all existing data on the partition, proceed only if you have backed up all your files!

If you want to format the partition, go to Drive options

Install Windows 7 - Drive Options

and format the partition where you want to install windows 7. Again, do this only if you have backed up your documents/files!

click format and then yes

Install Windows 7 - Format Windows 7 Install Partition

After you press Next, Windows 7 Installation will begin. Approximately takes about 30 min to 1 hour to finish, depending on your computer speed.

Install Windows 7 - Setup running

After half an hour, setup is complete and windows 7 installation is almost finished. Few more minutes

Install Windows 7 - Setup Complete

Now your computer will reboot, since the Windows 7 DVD boot disk is still in the drive, the message press any key to boot from DVD will appear. We already did that, so this time DO NOT press anything. Just wait 5 sec and your PC will continue booting and finish installing your operating system.

Install Windows 7 - Setup Restarts

Install Windows 7 - Dont press anything this time

Windows will continue booting and installing, almost there!

Install Windows 7 - Windows starts to load

Install Windows 7 - and loads and loads

Install Windows 7 - Completing Installation

Install Windows 7 - Setup is preparing your computer for first use


Insert your name (this will be your windows username)

Install Windows 7 - Type a username

If you want to, insert password for your computer. ( Hey….you won’t forget it, right? :) )

Install Windows 7 - Type a password

Insert your Windows 7 product key and press Next

Install Windows 7 - Type your windows product key

Do you want Microsoft Updates for your new operating system? It is highly recommend you know…! Select use recommended settings

Install Windows 7 - Use Recommended Settings

It’s time for Time zone, select yours from the drop down menu

Install Windows 7 - Review your time and date settings

Depending on your location, select the appropriate network location.

Install Windows 7 - Computer location select network

If you have more than 1 computer, type homegroup password for sharing files. Make sure to remember it

Install Windows 7 - Type homegroup password

Windows is finalizing your settings

Install Windows 7 - Windows is finalizing your settings

Can you see the finish line ? Yup, we’re there

Install Windows 7 - Welcome screen

That’s it. Now insert your computer manufacturer drivers CD and install drivers. Also FYI, Windows 7 has great driver support, go to Start –> Control Panel –> Select View By = Small Icons –> Click Windows Update

Install Windows 7 - Windows Update

Check for updates and click on optional updates, to see which drivers windows 7 found for your computer automatically.

Tutorial: How to Install Windows 7


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  1. Why is “completing installation” taking so long? Is it supposed to take that long too (about 30 minutes already), or is something wrong with my installation?

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  3. The part where it shows custom install, when i clicked it, it did not show me any of my drives!! :( help me please!!

  4. …i’ve been having a hardtime and spending too much everytime i want to format my computer… thanx bro!!!!

  5. Can you tell me what is the best antivirus??
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  6. Thank you for this. I used the information to walk a friend of mine through reinstalling his Windows 7. Saved me a lot of time and headache to just have it on the screen in front of me as opposed to the usual “What does the screen look like? What are your options? Okay, choose that. Now what happened?” that usually comes from not being able to be there to do it yourself.

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