format hard disk windows xp

If you want to format hard disk windows xp follow these steps.

Open My Computer, select the hard disk that you want to format, right click and select format (see picture)

Format Hard Disk Windows XP
Format Hard Disk Windows XP

Now to continue with format hard disk windows xp, you can leave all the settings to default, and click format ( see picture )

Confirm Format Hard Disk Windows XP
Confirm Format Hard Disk Windows XP

You should be aware that when you format your hard disk in windows xp all of the data stored in the disk will be deleted!

Congratz, your hard disk is formatted.

4 thoughts on “format hard disk windows xp”

  1. What is tne difference between this method and formatting using the Win XP CD inserted b4 boot?

  2. @vettaikaran If you insert the Win XP Bootable CD you will format your pc and install windows, if you only format your drive via windows you will delete all files on it and now reinstall windows

  3. I do that and get error message which says: ‘Windows cannot format this drive.Quit any disk utilities or other programs that are using this drive and make sure that no window is displayingthe contents of the drive. Then try formatting again.’ What does this mean – I have nothing else running as I tried to format just after starting up the pc.

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