format floppy disk

– Start Windows Explorer, Windows NT Explorer, My Computer.

– Role the right mouse button to snap the drive containing the floppy disk you wish to format, and  then click Format on the menu that appears.

– In the Format dialog box, click the choices you desire to use to format the disk, and then click Start. 
 Options that are available:

This will depend on the floppy disk that we are formatting, most disks are now 1.44Mb, it is  best to exit this choice as it is.

FAT or NTFS, FAT is the natural file system for floppies, nevertheless if you take a utility  set up to enable NTFS floppies so choose NTFS, if you are uncertain or FAT is the only alternative then just  leave it on FAT.

 Allocation Unit Size: This should be left on the default unless you have a reason to switch it.

 Volume Label: This is where you can enter a label for your floppy disk, merely typewrite the name into the box, in our case we have called the disk New Disk.

Quick Format: This alternative can be selected if the disk takes antecedently been formatted and you just want to free the data away the disc.

Make an MS-DOS startup disk: This choice can be applied to copy system files over to produce a bootable system disk .
When you have chosen the options that you wish merely click on the Start button.

After snapping Start you will be given a warning informing you that every data on the floppy disk will be deleted, assuming on that point is no data on the floppy that you demand click ok.

Later clicking OK you will see a progress bar and that will be followed by an alert making knowns you about the condition of the format, ie whether it was prosperous or not.

If you desire to format another floppy disk then enter a different volume label and then click the Start button in the format dialog box over again.

When finished click Close button.Your floppy disk is now formatted and can be used to stock your files.

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